Metronome is a group of Art Start supporters who invest monthly to ensure that we never miss a beat - that we continue to make art, foster resiliency and build confidence with youth who need it the most.


Help Us Create a Masterpiece

Monthly donor funding goes straight to providing the essentials for Art Start Programs. 


Start Brainstorming

Spark inspiration with a donation of $25 to help us buy brainstorming supplies like sketchbooks, pencils and markers.


Make an Outline

Layout our plans with $50 toward supplies that help us outline like canvasses, chalk and poster board. 

Choose a Color

Support one of our Emerging Artists bring their masterpiece to life. Giving $100 monthly allows one student in our Emerging Artists Program to attend two months of workshops. 

Be a Visionary

$250 a month supports 2 Art Start students in our Homeless Youth Outreach Program for a full year.


Meet some of the youth in our Emerging Artists Program